Melody Lauletta was raised in Texas and moved to Philadelphia in 2002. She has worked in the Philadelphia restaurant industry for 15 years at such establishments as Ristorante Panorama, Barclay Prime, The Continental, as well as several Garces restaurants including Amada, Tinto, Village Whiskey, JD Domestic, and Distrito. Lauletta and Jenkins also opened two restaurants for Garces aboard Norwegian Cruises. Lauletta was the General Manager of Laurel and ITV in South Philadelphia. Lauletta left both restaurants in 2017 and began building the Keep concept.

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Chef Mike Jenkins was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA where he began cooking for himself at the age of 5. He has always had a love for food and began building on his natural skill and talents in 2007 when he started working as a cheese monger for DiBruno’s Brothers. This led him to acquiring an entry level cooking position at Garces Trading Company (GTC). Jenkins was then promoted to a sous chef position at Amada. While there he met Lauletta. He was shortly promoted to Chef De Cuisine for Garces’ restaurants Garces Trading Company (GTC) and then Volver.

The couple enjoys outdoor retreats, sake, cider, Mom’s cooking, and reside in Philadelphia with their amazing cats.